The Arena is a combat stadium where players can test their skills in battle against each other. You can cancel and in effect choose another opponent by hitting "Back".

Arena Battles

Each battle consumes an Arena Orb. Arena Orbs are recovered once per hour.

Every Arena Battle you win, you recieve Arena Battle Points or ABP. There is a ladder ranking according to ABP achieved and each time you win can get special rewards when you level up.

ABP is obtained by winning Arena matches. The ABP given out after each win is from how difficult the fight was for you. Lower the ABP for your enemy (Because they're weaker) the less you will get when you win. So remember guys, A lot of wins with low ABP means you played it safe. Maybe too safe.

Your Win-Loss record is based on your attempts in the Arena and the result of your choice. If you are undefeated, all the Arena Battles you selected to enter, you've won. However, other players are able to challenge you and defeat you although it does not show up on your "Official" record unless you look at your Player Record in Menu. In short, you can be 50-0 by choosing your battles wisely (Or cowardly =P) but going through your Player Record under the Arena tab will reveal how many times your account has entered the Arena including your entries and those who have challenged you.

Arena Battle Rules

During an Arena battle, all Units attack automatically. Players cannot control anything during battle.

Victory goes to the Squad able to knock out all members of the opposing Squad within the time limit.

If one of the teams is not annihilated within the time limit, the winning team will be decided according to the following sequence of conditions:

  • The team with the greater number of surviving Units.
  • The team with the greatest remaining HP.
  • The team that inflicted the greatest total damage.

Arena Battle Points

Arena Battle Points (ABP) increases with victories in Arena battles and decreases with defeats.

Get more ABP by defeating players with a higher ABP rank than that of your own. You must also be careful as you will lose more ABP if you lose to an opponent whos rank is lower than your own.

ABP only goes up or down when a player attempts a battle. Even if a players is attacked and loses, their ABP doesn't change (though it will be recorded in your Battle Record as a win or loss).

Arena Ranking

# Reward Rank Title Required APB
27 Legend 170,000 pt
26 Hero 160,000 pt
25 Master 150,000 pt
24 Crusader 140,000 pt
23 Warlord 130,000 pt
22 General 120,000 pt
21 Behemoth 110,000 pt
20 Juggernaut 100,000 pt
19 Titan 90,000 pt
18 Dragoon 80,000 pt
17 Knight 70,000 pt
16 Guardian 62,000 pt
15 Saint 54,000 pt
14 Virtuoso 46,000 pt
13 Sage 38,000 pt
12 Champion 33,000 pt
11 Gladiator 28,000 pt
10 Berserker 23,000 pt
9 Commander 18,000 pt
8 Tactician 15,000 pt
7 Duelist 12,000 pt
6 Heavyweight 8,000 pt
5 Brawler 5,000 pt
4 Contender 3,000 pt
3 Warrior 2,000 pt
2 Amateur 1,200 pt
1 Novice 500 pt
Rookie 0 pt